The Power of Diligence

Imagine how much better life would be if you were disciplined and focused to accomplish every important task; if you always did your best; if you persevered even when discouraged and facing difficulties. Those qualities describe diligence, a strong and positive human characteristic that you must develop to be a Black Belt and the best person you can be.


Diligence is a potent force in your life. It enables you to achieve ambitious goals despite setbacks. People who are diligent understand that the biggest setbacks in life are often caused by their own fears and inaction. Being diligent keeps you on track, and eliminates unnecessary obstacles.


Take the Diligent Survey. Read the following statements and mark them “true” or “false” as they apply to you.




I always strive to do my best at home, at school or work, and during my training.


I am willing to risk failure to achieve a worthy goal.


I make sure to learn from my mistakes and failures.


I am self-disciplined to follow-through on my responsibilities.


I see the big picture and think long-term.


I don’t allow difficulties to stop my progress.


I don’t procrastinate.


I set goals and stay focused.


If you marked any statements “false,” then you must work hard to change those to “true.”


It takes diligence to make good grades, earn a promotion, compete in a tournament and earn your Black Belt. Think about your biggest dreams and what is preventing them from becoming real. If you are diligent and work hard, then you are able to achieve your dreams however much time may be required. 



Take the Diligence Challenge


• On a piece of paper, make a list of how diligence has helped you accomplish past goals.

• Then, make a list of the ways that a lack of diligence has kept you from achieving a goal.

• Finally, write a goal that you wish to accomplish, and make a list of how diligence will

help you reach it.


The next time you are on the verge of quitting, think about diligence and the positive power that it has in your life. You will be surprised at what you’re able to achieve with a diligent attitude.  NAPMA
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